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Our Services And Product

Cable Trays & Accessories
  • Cable Tray
  • Perforated Type Cable Tray
  • Ladder Type Cable Tray
  • GI Cable Tray 
  • Powder Coated Cable Tray
EMT Conduit Pipe and Fittings
  • EMT Conduit pipe
  • EMT Conduit pipe and Accessories
  • EMT Conduit pipe manufacturer in Pakistan
Earthing & Lightning Protection
Street light poles
Distribution Boxes , Electrical Components
Fastener supplier
Flexible Pipe in Pakistan
Flexible Pipe in Pakistan, GI Flexible Pipe in Pakistan, Pvc Flexible pipe Pakistan, GI Flexible PVC coated Pipe Pakistan, Flexible Pipe in Pakistan, Electrical Flexible Pipe, solar flexible Pipe.
J Bolt manufacturer in Pakistan
J Bolt Manufacturer in Pakistan. L Bolt Manufacturer in Pakistan, I Bolt Manufacture Anchor Bolts, Rawal Bolts
Solar structure manufacturer in Pakistan
L1 solar Structure, L2 solar Structure, L3 solar structure, L4 solar structure 
GI solar structure, Hot-dip galvanized solar structure, Aluminum Solar structure

Electric Power Engineering

Our Manufacturing, Supplies and Installation.

We are pleased to introduce our company Electric Power Engineering

As a manufacturer of cable trays, EMT Conduit Pipe and fitting Earthing and Lightning protection material as well as general order supplier, registered firm.

We are working on electrical installation and erection jobs.

We are also a manufacturer of all kind of Electrical hardware and Construction material such as all type of cable trays and its all relevant accessories like spring nut uni-struct channel etc., clamps for conduit and cables, EMT pipe and fittings cable glands, cable lugs, steel structures, electrical panels all kind of Earthling Material and lighting poles.

Electric Power Engineering is also deal in Low Voltage Components of, Terasaki, Schneider, Ls, Noark, Siemens We deals in all type of low voltage components such as MCCBs, MCBs, Motor Protection Circuit Breakers, Air Circuit Breakers, Magnetic Contactors, Overload Relays, Contactors Relays, All kind of Motors, Soft Starters PLCs Input/ Output Modules, Investors and all their relevant accessories.

We are committed to fulfilling the requirements of our clients on urgent bases to meet their production and construction needs.

Our Manufacturing, Supplies, and Installation.

  • Design, Manufacturing of cable tray ladder, perforated, SS mesh type, cable duct (G.I and Hot-dip Galvanized and powder coated) with all accessories joint plates carriage bolts, etc
  • Design, Manufacturing of uni-strut channel, spring nut, raise Flore, cantilever supports, plate type cantilever, angle iron, c channel, and other accessories Design, Manufacturing of tubular Street Lighting Poles, solar lighting pole, parking poles and shed, automatic lighting system control panels, photocell and time control, etc.
  • Design, Manufacturing of Panel distribution board, junction boxes.
  • Design, Manufacturing of Airport Lighting Accessories, transformer housing, Guidance signboard, DMB Distance Marker Board, shallow base, edge light plate, Design, Manufacturing of all types of cable trefoil conduit clamps of various metals Junction Boxes and Distribution Boxes panels
  • Metal steel structures hot-dip galvanized for Transformers HV MV Cables bus bars HV cable support, CT, PT and surge arrester supports.
  • Supply and Manufacturing of Earthing material Earthing Rods (Copper, Copper coated, Copper sleeve type), Earth Bus bars, Test points, bare copper conductors, Pre-fabricated earth pit boring, cad welding material.
  • Supply and cable Termination accessories (Glands, Lugs, Ferrules, Cable tags, Cable markers, termination kits heat shrink and cold shrink heat shrink sleeves) Supply of explosion-proof EEXDE certified items
  • Supply of electrical components, PLC, Circuit Breakers, timers, contactors, Elcb, MCB, terminals, Pushbuttons, led Siemens and others.
  • Supply of lighting material, lighting fixtures flood lights lamps, IP65 outdoor indoor type Design, Manufacturing of Cable drum jack, cable rollers, etc Services
  • Installation, testing & commissioning of the electrical network
  • MV/LV Control Cable laying & termination
  • Installation, testing & commissioning of MV/LV panels
  • Installation, testing & commissioning of distribution and power transformer
  • Installation, Installation, testing & commissioning of 132KV AIS/GIS Grid Station
  • Complete electrification of commercial, industrial and residential units
  • Installation of Cable Tray with support, Switchgear, Battery Banks
  • Complete installation of the Earthing grounding system.
  • Skilled labor supply; Electricians, Fabricators, Masons
  • Services for cable laying termination and other electrification work.
  • We are looking for a better business relationship with your organization in the above-mentioned fields and hope that you will provide us an opportunity and for a face to face meeting, telephonic conversation or communication through Email with your representatives to find out, how best we can serve your area of interest.


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