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Cable Trays & Accessories

Cable Trays & Accessories

Perforated Cable Trays supplier in Pakistan

  1. Perforated Cable Tray Manufacturer in Pakistan Ladder cable tray in Pakistan 
  2. Cable tray Suitable For Power Cables/Instrument and Data Cables.
  3. Cable tray Length: 1 Mtr to 6 Mtr (6000MM)
  4. Cable tray Width : 50MM to 600MM (2 Inch To 24 Inch)
  5. Thickness 20SWG to 12 SWG ( 1MM to 2.5MM) of cable tray
  6. Material GI, MS Hot Dip Galvanized, Powder Paint & SS 304 and 316 of cable tray
  7. Also available cable tray as per client requirements
  8. Cable tray Manufacturer in Pakistan

Ladder Cable Trays Manufactrure in Pakistan

  1. Cable Tray Manufacturer in Pakistan Low cost, significant cost savings compared to standard traditional Cable tray products.
  2. Cable tray Light in weight, wide range of sizes From 100MM To 1200MM Width of Cable tray
  3. Cable tray Flexible, easy, and fast installation. The design of the Ladder cable tray allows cable exit or entry at any point.
  4. Cables can be secured to clamps or ties in ladder cable tray
  5. Easy for line check and cleaning, easy maintained of cable tray
  6. in cable tray, All sharp ends are cut off to protect cables. Weight loading capacity of Ladder cable tray is 27% stronger than traditional cable trays and cable ladders...
  7. Cable tray Manufacturer in Pakistan

Cable Duct - Cable Trunking

  1. Cable Duct Same with cable tray but with a solid bottom
  2. Cable Duct Cable trunking More suitable for smaller cables like data cable and instrument cables.
  3. Cable Duct width from 50MM to 600MM
  4. Cable Trunking Height of cable duct from 50MM to 200MM
  5. Cable duct and cable trunking Material GI Sheet, MS HDG, Powder Paint & Fire Retardant Paint

Unistrut Channel Manufactrure and supplier in Pakistan

  1. Uni strut channel made from the best quality MS/GI sheet in Pakistan.
  2. Uni strut channel Length as per client requirements for cable tray hangers etc.
  3. Uni strut channel Standard lengths are 10ft and 20 ft
  4. Uni strut channel Slotted and without slotted
  5. Uni strut channel Dimensions are 41x41mm 41x25mm
  6. Uni strut channel Thickness 1.2mm to 2.5mm
  7. Uni strut channel Finishing Hot-dip Galvanized, Powder paint, GI
  8. Uni strut channel Complete fitting Range with all accessories
  9. Uni strut channel Capacity 2000 meter per day supply capacity
  10. Uni strut channel Use for cable tray supports 
  11. Uni strut channel use for cable tray hangers
  12. Fisher uni strut channel

Cable Tray Supporting System

  1. Perforated Angle for Cable trays supporting system
  2. Perforated c channel for cable tray supporting system
  3. Threading Rod for cable tray supporting system
  4. Uni strut cantilever for cable tray supporting system
  5. Wall-mounted supports for cable tray supporting system
  6. Roof hanging supports for cable tray supporting system
  7. Floor mounted support system for cable tray supporting system
  8. Cable tray Manufacturer in Pakistan